Do you still evaluate your third parties with Excel?

We have nothing against it, but Riskallay is much more intuitive.


The third-party risk management and assessment software on the market that streamlines your processes.

Why should you choose Riskallay?

We save you time so you can act fast.

  • Automate your Due Diligences and KYC.
  • A riskboard with all the risks of your third parties so that you can take measures in time.
  • You set the limit: all users and assessments are unlimited.
  • Compatible with the APIs of the main ERP systems (Oracle, SAP, SAGE, Navision...)
  • Blazing fast onboarding: you will be using it within a week.

We show you in two minutes what our risk management and assessment software can do for your company. And for you.

Time is money: do not waste time with bureaucracy

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We have unified all third-party risk management in one single platform

Don't have a compliance department? We are your perfect tool.
Do you?
We are too.

It saves a lot of time.

Our users spend 10 times less time managing Third Parties.

Automate processes and focus on decisions.

Create KYC and Due Diligence campaigns, schedule their delivery and receive alerts on their evolution.

It reduces document management and processing costs.

Create a single checklist, share it massively with external parties and follow it up automatically.

Faster decision-making in your audits.

Draw conclusions from our Riskboard and weight your third parties.

Information monitoring.

Unify in one place the tracking of all your KYC and third party Due Diligence.

It simplifies administrative processes.

Eliminate repetitive tasks and focus on analysis and decisions.


We adapt to your current needs and evolve with you.

Editable form templates.

Each user can adjust them according to their individual needs.

Full customisation

Whatever your corporate structure, we adapt to you.

Information security and legitimacy.

Triple access check and documentary time stamping.

Speed up processes and get into action.

Don't waste time with red tape.

They trust us:

The most frequently asked questions about risk management with your Third Parties

What is a Compliance management software?


It is an automated tool that allows you to know the internal and external risks of your organization. With a third-party management software, you will be able to take all necessary measures throughout the organization to eliminate, avoid or diminish them in order to reduce economic costs and time.

Why is it necessary?


A company may be affected by many risks associated with its processes, even more when third-party risks are involved. If risks are not properly identified and managed, it is very easy to lose control and stop monitoring them accurately. Since it is impossible to manage all of them manually, it is a necessity to have a state-of-the-art tool to manage them, to avoid errors and to streamline the entire process.

How is risk management software used?


These tools help us make a better management of our processes. However, we need to explain what to do and how to do it. A Compliance software for risk management streamlines processes that would be usually ignored. Its implementation will accelerate the processes ensuring everything is being analyzed, managed and reported.

How can third parties risks be managed with a Compliance software?


Tools such as Riskallay allow you to safeguard your corporate responsibility, reputational risk and transparency. Before entering into business relationships with suppliers, customers, vendors, distributors, agents and business partners, you must know whether they may pose a risk to your company, which makes it essential to have prior controls to know and identify each of them in depth. For this, it is essential to have a third-party risk management tool: they allow the analysis, monitoring and evaluation of risks based on accurate, complete and interconnected risk data sources to protect us from all the risks to which we are exposed.

Which companies need our software?


Any organisation, be it a small, medium or large company, as well as associations, foundations and political parties, can use a Compliance software to automate processes. Automating processes will bring agility and efficiency to risk management.

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