The entire third party risks universe on a single platform.

See for yourself the effectiveness of the Due Diligence tool made by and for companies.

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Riskallay advantages for your third party

Third parties information in real time to help you make better decisions.

Clear, receptive and customised dashboards

Configurable according to the corporate and geographical structure of the company

Bulk uploading of all the third parties linked to your operations

Possibility of generating regular alerts and notifications

Timestamping of all documents

Know the traceability of each registered role

Access to periodical reports about your campaigns and third parties

Interface in Spanish, English and Portuguese

What are you going to see on the demo? Find out how Riskallay can help you

30 minutes videocall, or whatever it takes, with one of us

Live demonstration of all that Riskallay can do for you

Practical application, adapted to your sector (based on real Compliance cases)